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Urban places that balance the social, economic, environmental and cultural will always attract and engage people.

At Place Partners we believe each city, town, street and public space has a unique identity that can be built on to create meaningful relationships between the people who use these spaces and the places themselves. We believe that a successful people place is a living system of relationships where each element plays an important role in the making of the whole. It is a civic ecosystem made up of a balance of social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects (SEEC). It is difficult to know how the removal of even one element might impact the whole. Like a game of pick-up sticks, the infrastructure of the place (soft and hard) could hold together with any number of its elements removed, or fall apart if a single relationship is altered.

Our place making approach has several clear stages; investigation and research, strategy development and implementation planning. We use the tools of community engagement, urban revitalisation, landscape assessment and place activation to deliver better places for people.