Our Team

Place Partners is an extremely proficient team of collaborators who work together to ensure the successful delivery of each and every project. Our expertise is born from formal education in architecture, planning and urban design however our experience covers much more including marketing, project management, events, graphic design, retail and landscape design.

Just as each place is unique so are its needs. For each project we work on we put together a team that best meets its particular requirements, either from within or through an alliance with our network of collaborators who are all experts in their chosen field backed by an exception body of work.



Shilpa Singh

Place Maker (Urban Design)

Shilpa is an urban designer with a passion for human centred design. She has more than five years of professional experience in urban design and architecture in Sydney, Perth, India, and Singapore. She has worked on city-wide urban renewal and a wide range of international and local architecture and interior projects including commercial, residential, housing scheme (single & multi stories), retail and interiors for corporate offices. As a designer, Shilpa believes emotions, experiences and the power of stories should drive design. She strives to add value through focusing on the details and placing the end users at the heart of the design.



Emily O’Halloran

Place Maker (Planning)

Emily is a recent Bachelor of Planning graduate. Her studies have provided her with practical experience in both planning and human geography. She has had experience in university research projects studying the relationship between people and place, and more specifically pedestrian movements. More recently, Emily has had experience working alongside senior place makers on placemaking research and strategies. Having grown up in rural NSW, Emily has an appreciation for both regional and urban areas. She has an enthusiasm for participatory planning, ensuring the best possible result can be achieve in collaboration with the community.



Victoria Petrovsky

Place Maker

Victoria has always been interested in what makes a good city. She was born in a little village in Kolyma and grew up in a big city in America. Victoria has human ecologies and built environment everywhere from one of the oldest universities in Europe to a consciousness-based university in the middle of the American breadbasket, to a design school in midtown Manhattan. To this day her curiosity comes from wanting to understand psychogeographic dimensions of urban life in the age of rapid, massive change and unprecedented global interconnectivity.



Kaz Alvarez

Place Maker (Communications)

Kaz is a designer and leader of communications, who cares about the environment and social equity. She has more than nine years of professional experience in the public and private sectors. Simultaneously working in marketing and visual communications, she has worked with creatives and architects who care about design and public space. Furthermore, she has curated and styled special events, as well as being responsible for the delivery and design of tenders, reports, social media and marketing material. Kaz cares about communications and design led concepts that are both compositionally and strategically lead which are aesthetically timeless and fundamentally aligned to each project.



Gini Sinclair

General Manager

Gini started off in Architecture and Planning straight from university, and then spent 10 years in advertising honing her strategic, digital and creative skills. She brings her natural instinct for what constitutes great work to the placemaking discipline, along with her project management and solid financial and operational foundations, which combined enable the Place Partners team to champion creativity and safeguard the quality of our output.