Our Team

Place Partners is an extremely proficient team of collaborators who work together to ensure the successful delivery of each and every project. Our expertise is born from formal education in architecture, planning and urban design however our experience covers much more including marketing, project management, events, graphic design, retail and landscape design.

Just as each place is unique so are its needs. For each project we work on we put together a team that best meets its particular requirements, either from within or through an alliance with our network of collaborators who are all experts in their chosen field backed by an exception body of work.


Victoria Petrovsky

Place Maker

Victoria has always been interested in what makes a good city. She was born in a little village in Kolyma and grew up in a big city in America. Victoria has human ecologies and built environment everywhere from one of the oldest universities in Europe to a consciousness-based university in the middle of the American breadbasket, to a design school in midtown Manhattan. To this day her curiosity comes from wanting to understand psychogeographic dimensions of urban life in the age of rapid, massive change and unprecedented global interconnectivity.



Monique Cowan

Junior Place Maker 

Monique is a soon to be graduate of a Masters of Urban Development & Design with a Bachelor of Design (Architecture). She has had experience in a university international studio in New York City, working at the studio of international architecture firm KPF. This studio involved studying and analysing the urban design and development implications of the current Hudson Yards development, specifically on public space activation and economic development of the neighbouring area ‘The Garment District’.

More recently she has been awarded the ‘Master of Urban Development and Design Discipline Director’s Award’ through her Masters course.

Having grown up in a coastal rural town in NSW, she has an appreciation of the rural and urban scale and the importance of a connected community to people’s wellbeing.



Gabriella Ricciuti

Junior Place Maker

Gabriella is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Planning at Macquarie University, with a focus on the social and environmental aspects of planning. Having been born and raised in Sydney’s inner west, she has an interest in creating and shaping liveable and sustainable cities where people live, work and play.



Tim Green

Junior Place Maker

A final year Bachelor of Town Planning student at the University of New South Wales, Tim is completing his thesis on how Sydney’s aspirations for world-city status is affecting placelessness in the CBD. Tim was recently awarded the Dean’s Scholar medal for his academic achievements.