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As a specialist consultancy and pioneer of Australian placemaking, Place Partners are considered experts in the field and are often asked to provide specialist training and mentoring in this area. Place Partners share this knowledge through presentations, training, mentoring and workshops.

We provide training modules that are designed to reflect each organisation’s needs and clear information on placemaking and its integration into associated development processes, its benefits, challenges and methodologies.  Here are just a few examples of work we’ve undertaken in this area.




From presentations that introduce the basics of placemaking to internal teams, right through to more complex presentations around placemaking theory and stakeholder engagement, we can develop a presentation or communications program that reflects the needs of any organisation.

Place Partners can create and deliver a broad variety of presentations based on audience interests and expectations. In the past, presentations have focused on urban trending and the benefits of placemaking and its role in an increasingly connected modern world.

Landcorp – Place Partners created and presented a bespoke talk on the relationship between placemaking and the development process, its benefits, challenges and methodologies.

ORBA, Singapore – The Orchard Road Business Association in Singapore asked Place Partners to deliver a presentation on retail trending and high streets during its annual general meeting. The focus of the presentation was on great streets throughout the world, what was attracting people to these places and how ORBA could market Orchard Road based on place.

VicUrban (now Place Victoria) – Place Partners provided presentations and facilitation services to VicUrban for its internal staff conferences for several years.




Place Partners offers a range of short and longer training courses tailored to meet the needs of each organisation and the team who require education in this space. Here are a few examples of training we’ve undertaken in the past few years.

Singapore Department of Tourism – Place Partners conducted a two day intensive placemaking training workshop covering  an Introduction to Placemaking, Genius Loci and Authentic Place Branding, Place Activation and Programming, and Community Engagement.

City Of Newcastle – Place Partners worked with the City of Newcastle over two years providing various presentations, internal training sessions and community workshops aimed at building knowledge and consensus around a placemaking approach in the local government.

ISPT – Place Partners was commissioned by ISPT, one of Australia’s leading property fund managers, to identify the value proposition of placemaking for the company and the best methods for ensuring that the benefits of placemaking are known and the processes involved in achieving them understood by the ISPT team. The training involved a series of workshops with the retail and commercial property management teams. The key message in the training workshops was to demonstrate that best results are achieved when all parties work together toward a common goal – aligning around place and people.




Our mentoring work focusses on balancing group discussion with one-on-one experience. It complements our training courses but also provides longer term, ongoing support for participants.

VicTrack (Melbourne, Victoria) – VicTrack is the manager of many of the Victorian Government’s transport assets including rail and tram infrastructure.  Place Partners worked closely with VicTrack’s development team to understand best practice in placemaking and public transit oriented development.

Singapore Tourism Board – Place Partners was commissioned by the Singapore Tourism Board to support a fact finding trip to Australia and help organise meetings with key stakeholders and place managers. In doing so, Place Partners managed the itinerary, briefed speakers and provided on the ground management of the entire visit. Representatives from the STB, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Marina Bay Business Association, Orchard Road Business Association, Chinatown Business Association, Little India shopkeepers and Heritage Association, National Heritage Board and National Arts Council took part in the tour which visited Sydney and Melbourne. This visit, and everything learnt from it, allowed these organisations to share ideas, concepts and experiences with fellow associations and place managers.

Canada Bay Council (Sydney, NSW) – Place Partners provides ongoing training and support for a cross disciplinary team of Council officers. The objective is to break traditional silos, improve internal communications and efficacy on place based projects.

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