Kylie Legge

Kylie Legge is a leading voice in the evolving profession of placemaking. She is an architecture graduate, planner, author, facilitator, curator, entrepreneur and a founding Director of Place Partners, a multidisciplinary placemaking consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.

Her interests lie in the relationship between people and their urban environments and how we can work better collaboratively to create the kinds of places people want to spend time in. Her commitment to understanding the trends and external factors influencing decision-making ensures that projects she works on are fit for the future.

Kylie is the author of the Urban Trends book series which includes two highly regarded titles, ‘Doing it Differently’ and ‘Future City Solutions’. She is an internationally renowned speaker having presented at the World Green Building Congress, Venice Architecture Biennale, UN Habitat’s ‘Future of Places’ and Green Cities and is a regular contributor to Monocle Magazine.

 Urban Trends Book Series

What is it About?

The Urban Trends books aim to share key ideas, movements and influences on city making and urban living.

Trends reflect what people care about, what they value and where we, as a community, are moving. Some trends, like the rise of bike riding, are part of common consciousness; however, others, like the reasons behind the global migration of talent, will be fresh information to most. You will get great ideas for local projects to make your own city better, interesting statistics to share at dinner parties and the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see what really is shaping cities  today.

Book 1 – Doing it Differently

It’s all about creativity and innovative entrepreneurship, pop ups, collaboration and the sometimes seemingly crazy. Doing it Differently looks at a range of creative and innovative solutions to the challenges of urban living. Creativity in all its forms is essential to the healthy evolution of urban environments, particularly when undergoing such rapid change.

Often the young and differently minded can find ways to respond to local problems that policy and bureaucracy could take years to even acknowledge. Collaborative consumption, the sharing of resources and peer to peer exchange, was named by Time Magazine in 2010 as one of the top 10 ideas that will change the world. The movement has triggered an urban adaptation; communities around the world are actively creating the environments they want. Other groups, such as Australia’s own Renew Newcastle, have been the catalyst for creative revitalisation projects globally.

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Book 2 – Future City Solutions

Who’s winning the battle of the city? The most liveable? The most loveable? We’ll share urban trends through the ages and how they’ve shaped your favourite cities. Future City Solutions shares some of the most innovative responses to the challenges that are facing cities today. It explores global responses to universal urban problems and illustrates how ideas, both small and large, by community and by government, can all contribute to a better future for our cities and their citizens.

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